San Francisco Bay Real Estate Management vs DIY Management: Which Is Better?

San Francisco Bay Real Estate Management vs DIY Management: Which Is Better?

More than 44 percent of landlords in the US manage their own rental properties instead of hiring someone to do the work. If you view your properties as a financial investment, you may not realize how much time they can take.

Are you struggling to manage your real estate investments in San Francisco? Here's how San Francisco Bay real estate management services can benefit you.

Benefits of Property Managers

The main advantage to hiring a property management firm is the amount of time you will save. This will allow you to focus on your other business opportunities. Your portfolio will be more diversified in the real estate sector. 

Real estate investments can reduce overall risk and provide some upside potential. When you use the services of a property manager, you can own many investment properties. They can negotiate the best rent for your rental, taking the emotion out of the transaction.

When you use DIY management, it's more challenging to keep up with the details. A property manager allows you to buy San Francisco Bay rental properties even when you don't live in the area. That opens up your investment opportunities to other locations.

When Passive Income Becomes Active

Do your investing goals include building wealth by building a portfolio that generates passive income? If so, managing your own investment property is a step in the wrong direction.

Researching investment properties and finding great deals is a better use of your time. You can leave the day-to-day management details to someone else, allowing you to buy more property instead.

As a property owner, you are responsible for a variety of tasks. That might include cleaning, taking care of rent collections, and performing rental inspections. If you're doing all the repairs and maintenance work, you won't have time for your regular job. 

They Have the Skillset

The fees you pay give you access to a property management team with a wide variety of skills that you might not have yourself. Many companies have dedicated staff who are specialists. They can do your marketing or check market conditions to be sure you're receiving the best rents for your location.

Tenant screening involves knowing the right questions to ask and requires a bit of intuition as well. You may not be familiar with performing background checks, but they are a routine matter for the experts. Rent collection is a simple task, and they have tips to help you streamline the process.

They can work with your attorney if an eviction is required, taking the stress out of the situation and removing you from the interaction. If needed, they can assist or represent you in court if it's required.

San Francisco Bay Real Estate Management

Managing your own rental property takes a lot of time and can be a frustrating experience. A real estate management company can remove the stress while you reap the financial rewards.

For the best in San Francisco Bay real estate management, contact the professionals at Kenny Realty. Get started with a free consultation.

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