What it Means to be Diamond Certified

What it Means to be Diamond Certified

We take great pride in being Diamond Certified. It is our mission to serve all of our clients with a seamless experience. Whether an owner, looking for management, a tenant with a repair issue or someone trying to buy or sell their home, we use our expertise to help you with whatever you need.

Kenny Realty has been Diamond Certified since July 2016. We know the importance of developing relationships with our clients so we get to know them and treat them like family. We’re available whenever questions or concerns come up and try to make everything as smooth as possible whether it’s a home we manage or a home we’re helping them buy or sell. We will continue to hold these high standards for our company.

What is Diamond Certified?

The process to be Diamond Certified is a rigorous 12-step process. They survey a large, random sample of the company’s real customers by phone. This gets the most accurate rating because they can verify that only actual customers are responding. These responses truly represent the customers satisfaction because they survey a random sample of the entire customer base. This is different from other review sites that may have chosen reviews from friends or family or someone who a company knows has had a good experience.

To become Diamond Certified, companies must score a 90+ on a 100 scale in two categories, “Highest in Quality” and “Helpful Expertise”. They also need to pass all credential-based ratings. Because you need such a high score to qualify, any poorly performing companies are eliminated. Being Diamond Certified is highly reputable as it’s difficult to obtain these high scores.

As well as having to get the scores, Diamond Certified has a limited number of companies who can reach this status in each industry. This is so they can closely monitor the companies who do reach Diamond Certified and ensure continued customer satisfaction. Diamond Certified is on a year to year basis so companies need to continue to meet standards.

Why is it important?

It’s important to note when a company is Diamond Certified because of the rigorous process it takes to get the certification. The companies who achieve this status get there by satisfying their customers with quality and expertise in their industry. 

You will know when a company is Diamond Certified because they will have the symbol on any materials and/or displayed somewhere in the office. You can also look these companies up on the Diamond Certified website. We take great pride in being Diamond Certified.

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