What are maintenance emergencies?

What are maintenance emergencies?

In the heat of the moment, it can sometimes feel like all maintenance issues are emergencies, however, there are some issues that do need to be addressed right away and others that can wait until normal business hours.

So, what constitutes a maintenance emergency and what can wait until the next day?

Maintenance Emergencies

A maintenance emergency is something that if not attended to immediately would threaten the safety of anyone in the home, unit or building or seriously damage the property.

For example, these are things like:

- Water flooding the unit

- Gas leak

- Fire

- Severe electrical issues causing sparks or smoke

- Leaking roof

- No water to the building/unit

If you ever have a maintenance emergency, depending on the issue, you should call 911 or PG&E (for a gas leak or severe electrical issues).

Maintenance Emergency Contacts in the San Francisco Bay Area:

- PG&E Emergency Line: 1-800-743-5000

- Kenny Realty Emergency Line: (650) 345-2206

Maintenance Issues that can be Addressed During Normal Business Hours

Maintenance issues that can be addressed during normal business hours are anything that do NOT cause injury or threat to anyone in the property or leave severe property damage.

These are things like:

- Garbage disposal not working

- Clogged toilet

- Garage lights not working

- Low water pressure

- Broken gate in the yard

If you have any of these types of maintenance issues, you can wait until normal business hours to report them. If you rent from Kenny Realty, you can report these issues online or over the phone and we will take care of them right away.

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