The Pros and Cons of Allowing Pets in a Rental Property

The Pros and Cons of Allowing Pets in a Rental Property

For years, we've seen reports that San Francisco is home to more dogs than kids. While this is hard to prove, it does seem that San Francisco dog owners are some of the most devoted pet parents in the nation.

If you're looking for tenants in the bay area, you may encounter quite a few who are hoping to house their pets.

As a San Francisco Bay property management company, we've had to consider the question of pets in rentals many times. When there are so many active dog owners in the city, it's crucial to weigh the pros and cons.

Where do we land on the subject? Read on to find out.

The Pros of Allowing Pets in Your Properties

Allowing pets like cats and dogs in your rental properties can widen your pool of potential tenants and reduce your tenant vacancy. In fact, it can make your properties more competitive because pet owners have a limited number of options. Tenants with pets may be more likely to renew their lease than move due to these same limitations.

Plus, there are ways that you can protect your property from the potential financial burden pets can pose. San Francisco Bay property managers often suggest charging a pet fee in addition to the standard security deposit to cover any damage the pets may cause.

The Cons of Allowing Pets in Your Properties

There are a few reasons why many property management companies in San Francisco Bay, CA don't allow pets. For starters, they may not want to take on the repairs needed when pets cause damage, even with a pet fee in place.

Plus, you run the risk of disturbing other tenants, particularly in multi-family buildings. Pets can make noise and, in the worst case, pose a threat to others. One option is to only allow certain pets, like cats, or include a weight limit or breed restrictions in your lease.

What About Support and Service Dogs?

What if you have tenants that have emotional support animals or service dogs? Even if you have a no-pets policy, you can't turn these tenants away because of their animals without violating federal law.

Emotional support animals and service dogs aren't considered typical pets. These animals are providing a specific service to their owners in order to assist with a specific disability or mental health problem. Note that you also cannot charge a pet fee in these cases because, as already stated, these animals aren't considered pets.

Work With San Francisco Bay Property Management

It's not always easy to make tough decisions about your rental properties. Working with San Francisco Bay property management can help.

If you're looking for San Francisco Bay residential property management, contact Kenny Realty. We provide full-service property management to landlords in the San Francisco Bay area, including tenant screening, lease drafting, rent collection, and more.

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