Property Management Near Me: Top Mistakes That Property Managers Make

Property Management Near Me: Top Mistakes That Property Managers Make

Throw the doors open! The median rent price for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco is more than $2,300

If you're looking to make a lot of money, you should consider becoming a property manager. Yet mastering property management is about more than researching "property management near me" and reading the guides that come up. You need to know about common mistakes with property managers. 

What are the most common and most devastating mistakes? How can you avoid them as a new property manager? What other property management tips do you need to follow? 

Answer these questions and you can turn property management advice into your regular income. Here is your quick property management guide.

Failing to Screen Tenants

Screening tenants means a lot more than looking at their credit scores. You need to look at their income and make sure they can regularly pay rent. You also need to talk to their previous landlords and see if they are responsible and decent people. 

Do not discriminate against tenants in any way. If you conduct background checks on a few tenants, you must conduct checks on all tenants. Review anti-discriminatory laws and follow them as closely as possible.

Not Inspecting Your Property

As a property manager, your highest obligation is to make sure your property is safe. At a minimum, you need to conduct a top-to-bottom inspection every year. For older properties, you may need to do an inspection every three months. 

Check the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Test them to make sure they are functioning and stock them with additional batteries. 

Entering a Property Without Notice

California Civil Code section 1954 puts restrictions on your ability to enter residences. Even if you are conducting a required inspection, you need to contact your tenant and tell them you are inspecting the property. You must tell your tenant at least 24 hours before you enter their property. 

Skipping Late Rent Procedures

You can handle someone who fails to pay the rent in a few ways. If someone misses the rent for the first or second time, you can ask them to make two rental payments the next time they pay. 

If someone consistently misses the rent, you need to step in. You can handle the tenant eviction process if they refuse to pay rent. You can also negotiate with them to move out so you can find a more reliable tenant.

Do not be too lax. It is okay to cut someone a break, especially if they are dealing with an emergency. But be firm with requesting rent from your tenants. 

Mastering Property Management Near Me

Researching "property management near me" means you should understand how managers make mistakes. Be thorough with your tenant screenings and adopt consistent measures you apply to everyone, regardless of their background.

At the same time, respect the laws around inspections. Tell your tenants about when you are coming in and what you are doing. Be firm when you request rent, but develop a few ways you can resolve late payments, including making two payments in one month. 

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