Home Organization Hacks To Implement in the New Year

Home Organization Hacks To Implement in the New Year

Can you believe we’re coming up on a new year!? A new year is a perfect time to organize your home. It’s a fresh start, a time when we’re feeling motivated and ready to improve all areas of our lives. 

I don’t know about you but a new year is a time when I do a ton of cleaning. There’s just something about organizing your home that makes a heart happy. We have some home organization hacks for you to implement in the new year!!

Home Organization Tips and Tricks

Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas

  • Compartmentalize with bins from the dollar store
  • Use lazy susans in your fridge and/or cabinets so you can get to everything
  • Use something to separate utensils

  • Label items

  • Put fruit and veggies in a basket or bowl on the counter

Living Room Organization Tips

  • Find or create some kind of storage for TV items, books, blankets, games - whatever you have in your living room. Use bookshelves, baskets, a TV stand, coffee table to house these items.

  • Pay special attention to items like keys, wallet, mail, electronics, purses and where they go when you get home

Bathroom Organization DIY

  • Use plastic drawers or containers to organize things that are similar and label the containers

  • Get rid of anything that you don’t use or is no longer good

  • Hang shelves on the wall and use as additional storage for things like hand and face towels, soap, q-tips, etc.

  • Use a lazy susan in cabinets or on vanity to easily access everything

Bedroom Organization Checklist

  • Go through all clothes and donate what you don’t wear

  • Utilize under bed space for storage

  • Use baskets or plastic organizers so everything has a place

  • Put things you use or wear often in easier to get to places and things you use or wear less in the back or harder to get to places

Closet Organization 101

  • Put similar items together - all shirts together, all pants, jackets, shoes, etc.

  • Use the same kind of hanger and face clothes the same direction

  • Line shoes up so they all have a pair and you can see them

  • Use a wall hanger, baskets, boxes for things like hats, purses, jewelry

  • Add another bar to hang clothing items

Garage Organization Hacks 

  • Install some kind of ceiling mounted storage

  • Use garage shelving

  • Put similar items together and store in bins, baskets, drawers etc.

Home Organization Checklist

Home Organization How To

Organizing your home can take time but once you have systems in place, your home will stay more organized because everything will have a place and you’ll know where to look when you need something. 

Start in one room and move around your house. Don’t try to organize the whole house at once. (That can get really overwhelming.) Start in the room you feel most excited to organize. That way, you’ll create a momentum to keep organizing until you’re entire house is done!

In all rooms, go through things and get rid of what you don’t use anymore. There is no point in holding onto things that don’t serve a purpose. Donate whatever you can to your local goodwill.

As a rule of thumb, put items together that match or are similar. Put things you use often in easy to get to places. Place things you use but not as often in higher places or more tucked away.

A new year is a perfect time to organize your house! It’s a fresh start, a time to get rid of any unnecessary items and a way to start off your new year feeling your absolute best!

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