A Brief Guide to Conducting Rental Property Inspections in San Francisco

A Brief Guide to Conducting Rental Property Inspections in San Francisco

Rental property inspections are an important part of maintaining your San Francisco investment properties.

Anytime you have a new tenant coming in, you have to perform a rental property inspection. This ensures that you get the property back in the same condition at the end of the tenancy. You can also perform mid-tenancy inspections to keep a closer eye on your property.

Today, we're going to give you a rental inspection guide and discuss the benefits of San Francisco Bay real estate management. With the right inspection plan in place, you can avoid spending big money on repairs. Keep reading and learn how it's all done.

Create a Rental Inspection Checklist

Before you meet your tenant to do the walkthrough, come up with a rental inspection checklist. This will give you a guide for going through the apartment, so you know exactly what to inspect with the tenant. 

You're essentially looking for any existing damage to the unit so that you can make note of it before the tenant moves in. This is not just for the tenant's benefit, as it's easier and cheaper to perform maintenance before the tenant is living in the unit.

You can download a rental inspection checklist online or hire real estate management in San Francisco to perform the inspection for you. An experienced property manager will know exactly what to look for during an inspection.

Schedule a Walkthrough With Your Tenant

With a rental inspection checklist in hand, you can now schedule the walkthrough with your tenant. Go through the rental on a room-by-room basis and thoroughly inspect everything on the checklist. In addition to inspecting the apartment yourself, give the tenant the opportunity to bring any damage to your attention.

Note the damage on the checklist and provide the tenant with a copy. At the end of their tenancy, you'll do the same thing again. If there is any new damage to the unit, the repairs will come out of the tenant's damage deposit.

If you neglect to do these rental inspections, you're going to have difficulty keeping track of any damage. Repairs will be more extensive and it'll be harder to keep good tenants around in your rentals because the unit won't be in optimal condition. Without good tenants, it's hard to maximize your rental property investment. 

How San Francisco Bay Real Estate Management Can Help

Performing your own rental inspections is possible, but becomes increasingly difficult as you add properties to your portfolio. In these situations, it's easier to hire San Francisco Bay real estate management to do them for you. 

At Kenny Realty, our property maintenance services include move-in and move-out inspections. In addition, we promptly respond to all maintenance requests so that your properties stay in good shape throughout tenancies.

To learn more about our services and how we can help you maximize your investment, contact us today.

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