What Are the Advantages of a Tenant Background Check?

What Are the Advantages of a Tenant Background Check?

Numerous issues come with the job of being a landlord. You've got repairs to make, documents to file, and tenants to communicate with. The whole process gets a lot more difficult when you have the wrong tenant on your property. 

A tenant background check gives you a clear insight into a person's history so you can know whether they'll be a positive presence throughout the duration of their lease. We're going to take a look at some of the advantages of screening tenants today. 

Hopefully, the ideas below will help you understand what you need to know about the advantages of tenant screening. Let's get started. 

The Importance Of A Tenant Background Check

The first thing to consider is the fact that your new tenant will be a part of your community. Whether you have an apartment building or your rental property is rural, you're still allowing someone to the community of people that surround the unit. 

That's a big responsibility. Individuals who show a history of being dangerous to communities like yours might not be the best fit for your rental property. 

That isn't to say that someone with a criminal record shouldn't be a tenant. Criminal history is often an inaccurate way to measure a person's character. A long history of physical or sexual violence, though, is an indication that a pattern exists and that the individual might be dangerous to the other people in your community. 

A tenant criminal background check can give you important insights in this regard. 

Property Damage And Liability

Another thing to consider is your investment. A rental property is only a good investment so long as your tenants aren't causing significant damage. If you're pouring money into repairs, you're not likely to have the smooth and profitable passive income that you'd dreamed of. 

A background check might show you whether the individual has had issues with property damage in the past, particularly relating to rental units. You're allowed to deny someone based on a reasonable presumption of risk to your property or the other individuals in the community. 

So, if the tenant's last landlord says the individual left their unit destroyed and in disrepair, that's grounds for you to deny someone's application in order to preserve your property. 

Long-Lasting Tenants Are Ideal

When you run a solid background check, you're more likely to find tenants who will stay for a long time. It's less expensive for you to have a single tenant over the course of five years than it is to find five individual tenants. 

Further, people who plan to stay in a place for a long time will treat it more like a home than a hotel room. That means your property is safe, you have a long-lasting relationship with the tenant, and you don't have to worry.

Need More Tips For Landlords In San Francisco Bay?

The tenant background check is just one of the many aspects of being a good landlord. There's a lot more to learn. We're here to help. 

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