Steps to Qualifying a Rental Applicant

Steps to Qualifying a Rental Applicant

At Kenny Realty, we take these 4 steps to qualify a rental applicant.

1. Income Verification
When an application comes in, we first verify the potential tenant’s income. We suggest gross income to equal 3 times the rent or more, but each landlord can set their own requirements.

2. Credit Check
We run a credit check to review the applicant’s credit information and payment history. In addition, we check for past due accounts and any eviction history.

3. Employer Verification
We call the applicant's employer to verify income and to ask questions about performance or any issues at work.

4. Landlord Recommendation
We also call the applicant’s previous landlord as a reference. We ask questions about paying rent on time and any issues or trouble that they may have had in the past. We want to get an idea on past performance so we can give the landlord as much information possible to make an informed decision.

Our goal in qualifying a rental applicant is to give our owners as much information as possible so they can make the decision whether to move forward or not. These 4 steps give us a whole picture of the prospective tenant.

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