San Francisco Bay Property Management: Top 4 Property Management Myths

San Francisco Bay Property Management: Top 4 Property Management Myths

Around 62% of households in San Francisco rent, while the remaining 38% own homes. As a result, rental properties are in high demand all the time. 

This news is great news for rental property owners in this area, but being a landlord isn't the simplest task. It requires work, and it might require hiring a San Francisco Bay property management firm.

However, some rental property owners are hesitant to hire property managers. In some cases, they feel this way from believing some common myths. 

Here is a guide to help you learn more about the four top myths people believe about property management companies, so you can make an informed decision about hiring one.

1. You Don't Need One

So, what is property management? Property management companies offer management duties for rental properties. Additionally, they offer property management advice to property owners. 

Many rental property owners think they don't need San Francisco Bay property managers, as they can do the work themselves. However, handling all the work isn't simple. Instead, it's overwhelming and demanding.

If you hire property management companies in San Francisco Bay, CA, you'll have less work and a decreased stress level.

2. San Francisco Bay Property Management Costs Too Much

Secondly, many rental property owners think hiring a San Francisco Bay residential property management company is too expensive. They believe they can't afford the services.

However, this isn't the case. The fees a San Francisco residential property management firm charges are reasonable. In fact, their services might lead to increased rent collection, helping you make more money.

If these services lead to higher revenues, paying the fees is beneficial. 

3. They Have Limited Hours

Next, have you ever heard that property management firms have limited hours? In other words, they'll only offer services during the day. Again, this is a myth.

A residential property management San Francisco Bay company offers services around the clock if this is what you choose. As a result, they'll answer every call they receive from your tenants at any time of the day.

Being available 24/7 is one of the many benefits you reap from hiring a property manager, but you'll also encounter other benefits of property managers

4. Property Managers Won't Care for the Properties Enough

Finally, many property owners believe that no one else will care for their properties the way they do. Again, this isn't the case when hiring San Francisco Bay property management companies.

If you read a property management guide, you'll learn that property managers benefit by taking good care of properties. Therefore, they'll care for your properties the same way you do.

They do this by keeping the units filled, performing thorough tenant screenings, and focusing on excellent maintenance and repairs.  

Consider Hiring a Property Management Firm

After reading these myths about San Francisco Bay property management myths, you might realize that you believed some of these. However, now that you know the truth, you might decide to hire a property manager. 

Contact us at Kenny Realty if you need assistance managing your properties. We offer reputable services that can help you grow your rental property business. 

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