5 Property Marketing Ideas According to Top San Francisco Bay Property Managers

5 Property Marketing Ideas According to Top San Francisco Bay Property Managers

San Francisco renters pay top dollar — and experts predict that figure will only increase in 2021. So, you can't put just any apartment or home on the market and expect high returns. You have to make it appealing to the people who will be paying a lot of money to live there. 

That's why property marketing is so vital for those in San Francisco Bay property management. If you're new to the industry — or not a pro at advertising — read on. We have the top five tips from investors who have made a fortune from investing in property.

1. Hire a Photographer

The photos you take of your property can make or break a rental agreement. More and more potential renters will start their search online, and, if the pictures are less than impressive, then they won't bother coming to visit your property. 

There's an easy fix for your average photography skills, though. Hire a professional to come out and take photos of the place. Their clear, bright pictures will make it easier for people to see the potential — and come by for a visit. 

2. Head to Social Media

On that note, you can connect with potential renters via Instagram, as well. Use the platform to share your high-quality photos and videos of the property or properties you have on offer. You can use your feed as a way to flaunt the San Francisco lifestyle so people are even more enticed to check out the neighborhoods in which you have your rentals. 

3. Start a Blog

You can draw people to your website by providing them with valuable information about real estate and the San Francisco area. So, consider adding a blog to your real estate website to boost traffic and increase the number of eyes on your listings. Once you get people to your site, they'll probably click around, and they might just find the home of their dreams in one of your rentals.

4. Vouch For Your Reputation With Reviews

Remember how we said that today's buyers will head online to view a property before choosing to see it in person? Well, chances are that these tech-savvy buyers will try and find out more about you as a landlord, too. 

If you don't have a Yelp page or Google business page, set one up ASAP. Reach out to your previous or current tenants and ask them to review you. If they share their positive experiences, that will only boost your profile with potential leasees. 

5. Hire Help For Property Marketing

We understand that this doesn't quite come naturally to everyone. If the above steps don't help you create the perfect property marketing plan, we can help.

Bringing on a property manager has a slew of benefits, and one of them is help with property marketing. We'll also screen your potential tenants, keep tabs on your financial gains and help with any eviction proceedings that you may have to undertake. 

Click here to contact us today to set up a property management — and marketing — plan that works for your San Francisco abode. The market is always hot here, but we can help you get the most out of your rental.

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